What is This About and What is the Goal?

This project started as JJ Conway's immediate response to the racial unrest brought about by several instances of police and public brutality that resulted in the deaths of several people of color.

The goal of this project is to educate individuals on both sides of the "systemic racism" debate.

  1. To show clearly to why I, JJ Conway, feel that systemic racism is still a problem
  2. To educate those who fight against systemic racism about behaviors and attitudes that make it hard for them to win allies among the majority
  3. To provide a safe, judgement free, place for all to express their opinions, so that mutual understanding can help us move forward as a society

This compilation is a fluid, growing, project. I cannot guarantee that what you see today I will still have permission to use tomorrow. At the time of launch, all items are public, but we cannot assure you they will remain that way. I hope all of you will contribute your videos, graphics, audios, etc so that this project NEVER stops growing until systemic racism has been abolished in this country.

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