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A Candid Conversation About Race With JJ Conway

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This project started as JJ Conway's immediate response to the racial unrest brought about by several instances of police and public brutality that resulted in the deaths of several people of color.

The goal of this project is to educate individuals on both sides of the "systemic racism" debate.

  1. To show clearly to why I, JJ Conway, feel that systemic racism is still a problem
  2. To educate those who fight against systemic racism about behaviors and attitudes that make it hard for them to win allies among the majority
  3. To provide a safe, judgement free, place for all to express their opinions, so that mutual understanding can help us move forward as a society

This compilation is a fluid, growing, project. I cannot guarantee that what you see today I will still have permission to use tomorrow. At the time of launch, all items are public, but we cannot assure you they will remain that way. I hope all of you will contribute your videos, graphics, audios, etc so that this project NEVER stops growing until systemic racism has been abolished in this country.

Terms and Conditions

This material is to be used for educational and informational purposes only. In agreement with the artists, experts, individuals, and companies contributing to this work (or granting permission for their work to be included), no material in this compilation may be reproduced in any commercial or publicly broadcast capacity.

This material often contains graphic and offensive language and imagery. Proceed at your own risk! Recommend watching/listening in a manner that will not offend others (i.e. not at work, not around kids, etc)!

By registering for this course and accessing any of the contents, you are agreeing to these terms.

Except for JJ Conway (and family) personal contribution, we own the rights to none of the videos, graphics, music, words, etc that you'll see in this compilation. Our intent is simply for education, which is why it is free. If you would like to support JJ by donating toward the hosting fees you are welcome to do so via PayPal or Cashapp.

I really struggled with the inclusion of so many items that include offensive and graphic language and imagery. As a pastor, I want everything I do to be "G-rated." However, with this particular discussion I'm still working through how to edit out offensive phrases while still preserving the integrity of the item. I am purposely retaining the graphically violent consent because I believe SEEING the violence keeps people from "explainign" it away

If your information was included in this compilation but is no longer public, simply reach out to JJ in writing and she will un-publish it.

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Janine "JJ" Conway
Janine "JJ" Conway

Janine “JJ” Conway is a financial planner who empowers individuals to dump debt and build lasting wealth through financial and business education and coaching. She’s served in the Air Force for over 23 years. She returned from a 6-month military trip to discover her house sold and most of her belongings thrown out. That week she signed divorce papers and not only became a single mom, but also had to figure out how to deal with over $845,000 in divorce debt. The personal growth and financial skills she used to overcome these life-gut-punches are the same skills she teaches today. They’re simple. They work.

JJ is passionate about helping people change their lives through time-tested financial principles, personal growth, and leadership enhancement. As a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, JJ brings a personal touch to corporate training and especially enjoys coaching clients to achieve their dreams! JJ’s classes, seminars, and books on life and finance will empower you to reach your goals, as will her money and investing classes.

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