What's Included (and what's not)

Included in the Reconnect With Myself Retreat:

  • All art supplies
  • Trash the Masks workshop
  • Pop & Play Workshop
  • Special guest speakers TBD

What's not included:

  • Hotel
  • Food
  • Spa Events
  • Transportation (unless you are coming from Shreveport, in which case you can join our caravan for just $25)

You'll schedule spa events on your own time based on what artistic events you wish to participate in. Please be mindful that the folks in Hot Springs will have had a very busy memorial day weekend. Most "nightlife" will be closed Monday night (part of why we schedule it this way). If you wish for spa activities, please book in advance. There is no pressure to participate in every event, as this is a time for reconnecting with yourself, vice others, however most first-timers find it beneficial to attend all events. Also, JJ would love everyone to join in the team dinner as it is her birthday weekend (another reason we schedule it this way)

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